Falakumbe (SE) & Feierabend Poetic Cumbia Badehaus, Berlin am 13.05.22

Freitag 13.05.22
Einlass: 21:00, Beginn: 22:30
Badehaus, Revaler Strasse 99 (auf dem RAW-Gelände, Zugang Höhe Simon-Dach-Str.), 10245 Berlin

Tickets zu Falakumbe (SE) & Feierabend Poetic Cumbia Berlin

Falakumbe (SE) & Feierabend Poetic Cumbia9,00 € (+1,50 € Gebühren) 


Postponed from 29.05.2020 to 21.05.2021 to 13.05.2022 - Purchased tickets remain valid, or can be returned at the same place where they were bought.

Falakumbe (CL/PE/SE) - Cumbia-Reggae-Chicha-Punk-Mix
Feierabend Poetic Cumbia (DE)  - Latin Rhythms & Postmodern Trova
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(Cumbia Reggae Chicha-Punk / Stockholm|Sweden)
From the highest mountain of the Andes, the deep Amazon jungle and Latin America's loudest cities, comes the explosive sound of Falakumbe. Cumbia-reggae chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars, güiro and song that melts the stage and the audience together into a one big pachanga.
Falakumbes sweaty and energy-filled shows have made the band been compared with artists as Gogol Bordelo and Chico Trujillo. The band members emigrated from Peru and Chile to Europe. For them, Falakumbe is a liberated place for political resistance through music and dance.
With tremendous scene presence and genuine rebellious joy, Falakumbe succeeds in engaging his audience and creating swinging, euphoric and memorable shows.

(Latin Rhythms & Postmodern Trova / Berlin)
Based in Berlin, but originally from Mexico, Portugal, Chile, Germany and Argentina, they unite Latin American culture in their songs. With influences from Berlin they process their experiences with the so-called culture shock as immigrants. Their rhythms vary between pop, ska, cumbia, tango, cuarteto and electro with german and spanish lyrics. In a humorous way they tell of the typical misunderstandings of two cultures that meet one another, and of their similarities between the differences.
The name Feierabend was chosen because in Spanish there is no word for leisure time after work and because it also means integration for the band members, because you have to have a job to enjoy your time at Poetic Cumbia.

Piti Vaccari, a native of Sastre, Santa Fe, Argentina, è festi-diffusora da Cultura Latinoamericana. Produces mixtapes for KumbiaNena Soundsystem, results of deep research in Digital Cumbia / Tropical Bass / BalkanBeat.
Co-producer of Festa Balkumbia no Beco das Artes (Rio de Janeiro) no Bar do Nanam and participates in djs das Terças de Cumbia, Buzios (RJ)

(MirMix - Global Music Club, La Bomba Cumbia Party Berlin)
Half Russian and half German and as boundless as his music, he has traversed the musical landscape since he was a child. His crossover of traditional sounds and modern beats tears down any cultural walls. It is accompaniment, atmosphere, inspiration and comfort all in one – energetic and uplifting to the last drop. At La Bomba he plays digital cumbia mixed with global bass and surprised latin music.

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9,- pre sales / 12,- box office / 7,- from 0:30

Badehaus Berlin
Revaler Strasse 99, 10245 Berlin
(auf dem RAW-Gelände, Zugang Höhe Simon-Dach-Str.)

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Mit: Feierabend Poetic Cumbia, Falakumbe, DJin Piti Vaccari, DAGVII